Burger King manager finds customer's lost wedding ring after two week search

This Burger King employee has definitely earned employee of the month.

A Michigan restaurant manager is being praised for going above and beyond to find a woman’s lost wedding ring.

The customer was desperate to locate the ring, which had been giving to her by her late husband more than 50 years ago.

Brian Baum, a manager at the Burger King in Belding, Mich., spent two weeks looking for the lost ring, Fox 17 reports. It had reportedly been lost when Danielle Ashley visited the fast-food joint.

While in the drive-thru, she says she went to clean some ice from her windshield and her ring fell off her finger and disappeared into the snow.

"And I took it off, and I just threw the ice away, and when I flipped it… the ring slid off my finger and went into a snowbank," she explained to Fox 17.

Baum told the news network, "Yeah, she’d call and then she’d left her name and number and all that, and every time she’d call I told her I’d keep on looking."

Two weeks later, the ring finally turned up.


"And so, when I did find it, that’s the first thing I did – went right in the office and sat down and left a message on her phone and tell her, ‘Give me a call.’ I had something for her," Baum explained.

Ashley explained that her late husband Dan bought the ring for her in 1965 before heading off to Vietnam.

"He took me ring shopping on Wednesday, we got married on Saturday, and I had his ring until we got married," she said. "I put his ring on his finger, and he put my ring on my finger, and it’s been there pretty much since."

Sadly, Dan passed away eight years ago following complications related to Agent Orange, Fox 17 reports.


Now, Baum is set to be rewarded for his hard work by being named his location’s employee of the month for March. Still, the BK manager said the serious search was simply the right thing to do.

"It was good; it made me feel good personally, but, just like I said, to see the look on her face to get something back that meant so much felt good for me," Baum explained.

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