Candidates race around New Hampshire ahead of Tuesday's primary

Democratic presidential candidates raced around New Hampshire on Sunday ahead of Tuesday's primary.

A newly-released tracking survey gives Sen. Bernie Sanders 24%, with Pete Buttigieg surging to 22%, Sen. Elizabeth Warren 13%, Former Vice President Joe Biden 10% and Sen. Amy Klobuchar 9%.

Former South Bend mayor Buttigieg told voters that Sanders' socialist policies would turn off mainstream voters.

"At a moment like this, telling people you've got to be for a revolution or be for the status quo is telling most of us we don't belong," Buttigieg said.

In turn, Sanders said that Buttigieg was beholden to the rich.

"I'm running against some guys, Pete Buttigieg among others, who have raised campaign funds from over 40 billionaires," Sanders said.

Warren got a laugh when she mistakenly said she was in her home state of Massachusetts. She got another laugh when she was asked by a voter in Lebanon about who would look at her fondly and without question: "Who will be your Mike Pence?"

Warren responded: "I already have a dog." (Warren's golden retriever, Bailey, is a popular fixture at campaign events.)

Campaign fatigue may have caught up to Joe Biden, who took offense when a woman asked how Americans could, quote, trust that he’ll recover from a poor showing in Iowa. She then claimed to have attended a local caucus in Iowa. He called her a "lying dog faced pony soldier."

"It was a little bit confusing in Iowa," Biden said.