Charlotte man sends girlfriend on birthday 'scavenger hunt' that leads to proposal

An elaborate birthday ‘scavenger hunt’ turned into a surprise proposal for one lucky woman in Charlotte.

Amber Glenn-Thomas thought her boyfriend, Scott Childs had planned a day full of surprises as a special gift for her birthday, but Scott had designed "The Master Plan" with one very specific goal in mind: a proposal.

The high school sweethearts have known each other since they were 16 years old. After years of dating, they called it quits, but reconnected and fell back in love nine years later.

They've now been back together for two years, and Scott decided it was time to pop the big question.  

“I really dove into the logistics of the plan around June and every day I aimed to accomplish one thing for her,” Scott said.

With help from friends and family, Scott devised a plan to take Amber was taken on a tour of Charlotte that commemorated the couple's relationship.

“I knew early on in our relationship that she was the one for me, and I wanted to give her a visualization of how much she meant to me along the way,” he said.

At each new place she went to, she had to find the letter that would direct her to the next part of the journey.

“There were seven letters in total and each letter discussed a part of our love story. He also explained in each letter why the family or friend that was there waiting for me was included. It was incredibly thoughtful and I will always have those letters as cherished memories,” Amber told FOX 46.  

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Amber's day began with a relaxing massage at Massage Envy on Bayfield Pkwy. This is where she received her first letter telling her to head to the couple's apartment in northeast Charlotte.

Once there, Amber received her second letter, telling her to go to Sun Valley High School where the two first met.

"That's where we first fell in love. I'm going to be crying all day," she says in the video.

After her trip to Sun Valley High where her family was waiting to greet her, Amber was sent over to the Discovery Place in Uptown where the two had their first date.

“We technically had two first dates. The very first one, where we reconnected was a crazy whirlwind. The second, at Discovery Place was the setup for him to ask me to be his girlfriend,” Amber said.

After the Discovery Place, it was time to head over to Revolution Pizza. Amber and her friends were then sent to Jazzy Cheesecakes where they couple regularly goes.

Anticipation was building at the final leg of the journey. Scott told Amber to get ready and put on her finest. He sent a friend to pick her up and she was whisked away to the site of the secret proposal.

Once she arrived, she walked up a grassy hill to where he was waiting for her. Scott got down on one knee, popped the question and...she said yes!

“It was the best day of my life. I never knew someone could love me the way Scott loves me. And the effort, I was and still am floored,” Amber said. “He proposed on the hill where we first knew that we loved one another. Just like the rest of the proposal day it was thoughtful and impactful.”

Scott and Amber have already begun planning for the big day. Congratulations to the happy couple!