Chemical reaction causes fire at Streamwood manufacturing site

A chemical reaction caused a fire at a Streamwood manufacturing site Monday morning.

At about 9:12 a.m., the Streamwood Fire Department responded to a fire alarm activation at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions located at 901 Phoenix Lake Ave.

When fire personnel arrived, they learned that a chemical reaction caused the fire in the building.

Additionally, it was determined that the fire doors to the affected room closed and contained the chemical fire. The sprinkler system then extinguished the fire.


Streamwood HazMat Squad 33, Schaumburg Squad 55 and other Hazardous Materials Technicians responded to the scene due to the hazardous chemicals involved in the fire.

All workers safely evacuated the building and no firefighters or civilians were injured.

No apparent hazardous materials were released into the outside environment, according to fire officials.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.