Chicago alderman says evidence recovered in vehicle may lead to arrest in Lincoln Park robbery

Police have recovered a Jeep Cherokee taken by armed robbers who terrified a 70-year-old woman walking her dog in Lincoln Park.

The vehicle was then used in three other robberies, including one where the victim was brutally beaten and pistol-whipped.

The Jeep was located in west suburban Maywood.

The neighborhood's alderman says detectives have gone through the Jeep, developing evidence that may soon lead to an arrest. 

They believe the offenders tracked the victim.

"The offenders circled the block. They saw her walking her dog, but she also had her keys in her hand because her Jeep Cherokee was parked nearby, and they knew that, so they circled the block and came up from behind her and shocked her, it happened so fast she didn't have time to react," said 2nd Ward Ald. Brian Hopkins.

Surveillance video showed the gunman threatening to kill both the woman and her dog, then stealing her purse.


Police say the robbers then used her vehicle in several carjackings during a daylong crime spree.

This is a common approach for carjackers — stealing one car, then using it to commit other crimes.

Hopkins has talked with police about taking a more proactive approach.

"We're looking to make some tactical adjustments to try to interdict some of these armed robbery sprees while they're in progress, rather than waiting until later when it's over, and we've recovered the vehicle," said Hopkins. 

The victim in this attack told FOX 32 Thursday that she plans to move out of Chicago because of this attack and dozens of others in what was once a safe neighborhood, where such crimes were rare.