Chicago animal rescue seeks help for emaciated dog found left for dead

A Chicago animal rescue shelter is seeking the public's assistance after a dog was discovered emaciated and near death on the streets.

The dog, named Sugar Snap, was found on a Chicago street by a father and child who took him to Animal Care and Control. Sugar Snap is now in the care of the One Tail at a Time rescue shelter.

According to the shelter, Sugar Snap was given his name because of his sweet disposition. He is believed to be a Husky-Shepherd mix between the ages of 1 and 3.

His recovery is expected to be costly. Sugar Snap is severely undernourished, underweight, and was close to death.

"He's about 19 pounds and he should be around 50-plus pounds. So extremely, extremely lethargic, unable to stand on his own. He cannot walk. Luckily, he's perked up a bit since and he's able to hold his head up a little now. But really, really in poor condition. I do not think that he would have made it much longer if he was not found," said Kim Thomas of One Tail at a Time.

Currently, Sugar Snap cannot walk or stand, but he has been slowly eating and gaining some strength. One Tail at a Time is soliciting donations to cover his recovery costs.

They are urging anyone moved by his story to consider making a donation to his emergency care. Donations can be made at Additionally, those interested in foster care or adoption can inquire through the website.