Chicago area family upset over condition of Calumet Park cemetery

A local family is outraged and disappointed with the cemetery where their loved one is buried.

The Moore family bought a headstone for their loved one in October of 2019, but it was not put in place until FOX 32 recently became involved.

JC Moore was found dead April 28, 2019, just 24 hours after his birthday. The family decided to bury the 69-year-old at Cedar Park Cemetery in Calumet Park.

“May 22, 2020 and it still looks like a desert out there and there are sticks to tell you where your loved ones are. It’s terrible,” said Cedric Moore, the son of JC.

The Moore family says the grounds are poorly maintained. The general manager, Kevin Carter, says the area is part of an economy package and is a constant burial site.

“It causes problems because people get a little impatient like with the headstone. They want them out and they want it out right away, and they want to see the area beautified. It could be a year or two before that area is beautified,” Carter said.

“You are taking people’s money, now you are coming up with an excuse saying it’s a constant problem,” Cedric said in response.

The biggest problem for Cedric and his mother, Lucy, is the headstone they bought back in October of 2019. It was not put in place until FOX 32 called.

The family also says the gates of the cemetery should not be closed for Memorial Day weekend.

“They should have someone there overseeing the place, letting so many people in,” Lucy said.

“Memorial Day there is a great impact of people visiting, and we are concerned about social distancing. So we will follow the order from the government,” Carter said in response.

Cedar Park will be closed Sunday and Monday to limit crowds gathering.