Chicago brothers accused of illegally bringing 2 Mexican immigrants into US, forcing them to work construction

Two Chicago brothers have been arrested for allegedly forcing undocumented Mexican immigrants to work in the construction trade.

Agustin Arias Lopez, 30, and Juan Arias Lopez, 32, are accused of conspiring to illegally bring two individuals from Mexico to the U.S. to work for their construction business.

After arriving in Chicago, the undocumented immigrants allegedly worked 12 to 15 hours a day, seven days a week, in exchange for weekly payments from the brothers of $800 to $1,000, prosecutors said.

According to the criminal complaint, the immigrants were then required to pay the brothers $500 per week, which the brothers claimed went towards the cost of transport and rent.

The two immigrants allegedly lived in Agustin Arias Lopez's unfinished basement in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood. 

The brothers also allegedly threatened the immigrants with violence if they did not pay the money, prosecutors said. 


According to the complaint, in November 2021, Agustin Arias Lopez allegedly pointed a handgun at one of the immigrants. 

The brothers have been charged with conspiracy to knowingly bringing, transporting, harboring and inducing aliens to come to, enter, remain in and reside in the U.S.

The bothers were arrested Thursday, and their detention hearing is set for March 28.