Chicago businesses say crime near 71st and State Street is off the charts

Surveillance video shows a man being shot on south State Street near 71st the other day. He's the second shooting victim on that block in the past week.

And now, business owners on that block say they've had enough. They confronted police about their concerns on Wednesday, and it's paying off.

For more than 60 years, Haim Brody's family has been selling fresh fish in the South Side Park Manor neighborhood. But now he and the owners of other businesses in the 7100 block of south State Street say they won't survive if police can't get crime under control.

In the past week alone, there have been two shootings on the block, both captured on surveillance video and both drive-by's.

Brody says there have been 17 shootings since the beginning of the year and that gangbangers control the block, scaring away longtime customers.

"You can see the drug people. You can see the transactions. I sell fish, I don't sell drugs. I can see what they're doing,” Brody said.

On Wednesday, Brody and a number of other merchants took their concerns to a special caps meeting for business owners in the third district.

Eric Knowles owns a clothing store just down the block.

"I don't know if there's a block like this in the City of Chicago. They punch in before Sol and I punch in,” Knowles said.

Police say they're listening and will be targeting the area.

Police are also encouraging these business owners to tie their surveillance cameras into the city's OEMC system, so that police can monitor what's happening on the street in real time.