Chicago mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson accuses Lightfoot of misleading voters

During a rally Monday at Chicago Teachers Union headquarters, Jonathan Jackson and another new member of Congress announced their support for a veteran union organizer.

"I hereby endorse and stand with my friend, Brandon Johnson, for mayor!" said Rep. Jackson.

Teachers union organizer Brandon Johnson, whose campaign relies heavily on contributions from the union's political war chest, also featured freshman Rep. Delia Ramirez at today's rally.

"Brandon Johnson! My mayor, your mayor. Say it with me! Brandon Johnson. Brandon Johnson," said Rep. Ramirez.


Also on hand were more than a dozen City Council candidates backed by the teachers union and a local of the Service Employees International Union. If successful in next month's voting, and in the April 4th runoff election, the teachers union at contract time could end up bargaining, in effect, with itself.

The union, for example, currently is demanding Mayor Lori Lightfoot grant teachers 12 weeks of paid parental leave. Johnson accused Lightfoot of misleading voters four years ago.

"Shame on anyone that will copy and paste and take advantage of a movement, only to get elected off that movement and then to renege on everything you promised," Johnson said.

The National President of the American Federation of Teachers plans to attend another similar rally on Tuesday, with the national union expected to kick in big bucks for the Brandon Johnson for Mayor campaign.