Chicago migrants move into Wright College, alderman urges patience

Hundreds of asylum seekers have started arriving at Wright City College on the Northwest Side, with a promise from the city that it is a temporary setup. 

"I just ask everyone to be a little bit patient here; it's only for two months supposedly, which I find hard to believe, but we'll see," said 38th Ward Alderman Nicholas Sposato.

With some 300 migrants now relocated to the campus at Montrose and Narragansett, Sposato said he is glad they are no longer crowding Chicago police stations.

"That was a terrible thing for everybody," he said. "Terrible for the police, terrible for the asylum seekers, so that was the most important thing to me, that they got out of not only my police district but all police stations."

Sposato is urging compassion and understanding from his constituents.  

"We have to make the best of it and be the caring type of people we are on the Northwest Side," he said.  "This afternoon it was food; yesterday afternoon it was little toys for kids. I come from a very welcoming, generous community so I expect that many will show support and compassion for these families."


The city has contracted out 24/7 security for the temporary shelter, is imposing an 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew, and is not allowing alcohol, drugs or visitors.

"I do not blame the former administration. I do not blame the current administration. I blame the President and his administration because you're letting them in, and you're not giving them the tools to make a better life for themselves," said Sposato.

The City said the asylum seekers will be out of Wright College by August 1, but Sposato said he has "zero faith" that will actually happen.