Chicago mom pushes for answers after college student son is murdered

Chicago police have arrested a suspect in fewer than 15 percent of this year's killings in Chicago.

It's why some families try to find killers on their own.

FOX 32’s Political Editor Mike Flannery talked to one mom who's doing that, in his latest report on "Getting Away with Murder."

Is a man seen on surveillance video a killer? Did he burst into a birthday party seven years ago and, in a case of mistaken identity, gun down Harry Rodriguez? Yes, and yes, according to the victim's still-grieving mother. She says Chicago police told her there's not enough evidence to arrest anyone, even after she told them she'd identified a career criminal as a suspect.

“There's people in jail that hear him take credit. They reach out to me. Again, I had to make friends with people that I didn't want to, in order to get my answers,” said Elizabeth Ramirez.

A spokesman for Chicago police said cold-case detectives are now in charge of investigating the death of Harry Rodriguez. His mother's a co-founder of “Parents for Peace and Justice.”

With signs pleading, "solve our cases," they and others gathered over the weekend in front of Chicago police headquarters. Most have lost someone whose killing remains unpunished.

“Nobody will stand up for the safety of our children and communities. It's almost like we've been left alone,” said Robert Torres.

Nearly seven years after Harry Rodriguez was killed, his mother believes Chicago has far too few detectives investigating far too many killings.

“And I’m just sick and tired. We need more detectives. Because the ones killing our children are continuing to kill other children,” Elizabeth Ramirez said.

Chicago police this year are promoting hundreds of officers to the rank of detective.