Moms rally in Springfield, urging swift passage of gun safety legislation: 'it's about accountability'

Hundreds of moms from across the state are putting up a fight in Springfield demanding that gun safety legislation be passed this week as Friday marks the end of the spring legislative session.

The group "Moms Demand Action" held a rally and met with lawmakers to push for gun safety laws

Over 500 moms and students, many from the Chicago area, were joined by Attorney General Kwame Raoul and other lawmakers.

Among the legislation, the group wants to see bills focused on blocking access to guns for people with domestic violence backgrounds and improving clearance rates for unsolved shootings. 


Many of the moms had personal stories to share.

"And to truly confront this crisis, we need holistic laws that address firearm homicides, suicides, domestic violence and unintentional shootings as well," one mom said. "All that matters."

"People talk about closure and justice, it's about accountability," another mom said. "You took somebody's life."

The group is hoping to make a difference by putting pressure on lawmakers.