Chicago awaits new top cop decision, mayor's choice expected in 3 days

The anticipation is building in Chicago as Mayor Brandon Johnson has a deadline of Monday to make a pivotal decision – either selecting a new Police Superintendent from the trio of finalists chosen by the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability (CCPSA), or rejecting all three candidates.

This decision carries immense weight in determining the future leadership of the city's police force.

Eugene Roy, a retired CPD Chief of Detectives, shared his insights about the finalists, expressing that all three are remarkable leaders.


"All three of the finalists are outstanding leaders. For them to have gone this far in the process says a lot about them and, you know, it'll come down to the mayor's choice," said Eugene Roy, retired CPD Chief of Detectives.

In the event that Mayor Johnson decides to reject all three nominees, the process will circle back to the CCPSA for another round of candidate selection.

Notably, this marks the first time the CCPSA has played a role in the selection of a police superintendent, underscoring the importance of community involvement.