Chicago police announce $150k reward for info on Rogers Park killer

A record-high reward for answers leading to the Rogers Park killer was announced Thursday: $150,000.

It comes after more than five weeks since two seemingly random murders.

Surveillance video and 430 tips have not helped catch the Rogers Park killer, so now police are counting on the power of cash.

“An honest answer is we don't know where he is right now,” said Supt. Eddie Johnson.

Johnson says the reward to help solve the five-week-old case is now $150-thousand-dollars.

“This is the largest reward in city history, and stands as a great example of how we can work together as a community,” said community activist Levi Staal.

The Rogers Park Jewish community stood by police because one of the victims was 24-year-old Eiyahu Moscowitz -- an orthodox Jew. He was shot about 36 hours after 73-year-old Douglass Watts was gunned down.

Police say there is no connection between the two, but they were shot with the same gun, likely by the same masked man.

“Somebody out there knows who this guy is. They do. He's either bragged to somebody or they've seen that video and recognized him. We just need those individuals to come forward and help us with this,” Supt. Johnson said.

Police are still urging people in Rogers Park to not walk alone, especially when its dark out.