Chicago police, ATF and FBI all searching for Rogers Park killer

There are growing fears in Rogers Park as Chicago police step up their search for a cold-blooded killer who is targeting victims at random.

Police believe one man is responsible for two murders in two days on the North Side. The suspect is seen on video walking before a killing occurred on West Sherwin on Sunday. He’s then seen running away afterwards.

While the suspect is masked, police say he has one distinctive quality.

“One of the distinctive things about him is his walk and his run, where his feet point out pretty significantly,” police said.

The concern over the killings has reached a fever pitch in the neighborhood. It was standing room only at a community meeting Wednesday set up by police to address the crimes. At least 100 had to be turned away.

Police believe the same man who killed a 24-year-old man also killed 73-year-old Douglas Watts. This is because forensic evidence shows the same gun was used. There was no apparent motive for either murder and, police think, the guy who did it lives in Rogers Park.

"Somebody knows him. He could be somebody's neighbor. He probably shops in some store. He walks the neighborhood obviously,” police said.

The police, ATF and FBI are all investigating and now residents are being diligent as well.

“This is a close-knit community. People look out for each other, They look out for their neighbors and that's exactly what we want and ultimately what’s going to resolve this case for us,” police said.