Chicago police honor fallen officer Samuel Jimenez, killed in line of duty in 2018 at Mercy Hospital

Chicago police honored Officer Samuel Jimenez on Saturday, four years after he sacrificed his life to protect others during a shooting at Mercy Hospital.

Dayna Less, Dr. Tamara O’Neal and Jimenez were shot to death by Juan Lopez on Nov. 19, 2018. O'Neal was Lopez's ex-fiancee.

During a candlelight vigil shortly after the shooting, a domestic violence expert spoke about the risks people face when they leave an abuser.

"All the time I hear, 'Why didn’t she leave her abusive relationship? Why didn't she tell someone? Why didn't she go to police?' This is it. This is the reason. Even when you leave, oftentimes it doesn’t work out in your favor unfortunately," said Nadiah Mohaiir, a sexual violence prevention advocate.

The Chicago Police Department tweeted on Saturday: "His courage is reflected in his family every day. He was not just a police officer but a father, brother, husband, and friend. We will #NeverForget, Officer Jimenez."