Chicago police launch new billboard campaign about officers

You may have started seeing some new billboards around town. It is part of a campaign by Chicago police to give a face and name to officers on the force.

The billboards supporting Chicago police officers are being paid for by the Chicago Police Memorial foundation. The billboards began going up at the beginning of May in 60 different locations around the Chicago area, with some placed along heavily trafficked expressways and others in neighborhoods.

They are expected to deliver millions of impressions, or views, over the next few weeks.


The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation believes officers have been unfairly vilified over the past few years and they want the public to understand that cops are people, too.

The campaign uses real Chicago police officers and their families to make that point.

"They’re not only police officers, but they’re your neighbors. They’re just like you," said Phil Cline of the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.