Chicago residents, businesses warned to shovel sidewalks or face fines

With more snow on the way, one Southwest Side alderman is warning residents and businesses to shovel or they will face a hefty fine. 

The alderman is taking enforcement action and asking his businesses and residents to be good neighbors. 

“After five years of being alderman, I’m not taking any more excuses, you know the drill,” said Alderman Raymond Lopez, 15th Ward.

He isn’t kidding. Alderman Lopez says enough is enough. When it snows, you shovel. 

“So we don’t have a situation like behind me, where entire segments of a block have turned to frozen ice rinks,” said Alderman Lopez.

Photo: GETTY

The alderman says a mail carrier in his ward fell on an icy sidewalk Tuesday, shattering her knee. 

Residents and businesses are supposed to shovel within 24 hours of snowfall, if you don’t, you could be fined anywhere between $50 and $500.

“We have generated over 60 tickets so far,” said Alderman Lopez. 

He reminds residents the city can come back every 24 hours and give you another ticket if you fail to shovel. 

The alderman says he will be monitoring the situation again after this next round of snowfall.