Chicago students, parents believe school principal removed as political payback

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A school of heartbroken students and angry parents are going after Mayor Rahm Emanuel. They believe their beloved principal was abruptly removed for political payback.

But as FOX 32’s Dane Placko reports, the city is firing back.

An angry and sometimes raucous crowd of parents and students packed the auditorium at Blaine Elementary Monday night, demanding to know why long time principal Troy LaRaviere was removed.

LaRaviere had been an outspoken critic of CPS leadership and Mayor Emanuel. Recently, he slammed the mayor in a campaign ad for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Blaine Elementary parents believe LaRaviere's dismissal last week was political payback from the mayor.

“There's no reason he should be removed...he turned the school around,” one parent said.

But CPS officials told parents it was LaRaviere who essentially fired himself by ignoring warnings about his ethical violations and conduct, and refusing to meet with his bosses.

"There are twelve charges that fall into three broad categories. Dereliction of duty, ethics violations and insubordination,” said CPS Chief Education Officer Janice Jackson.

LaRaviere is scheduled to attend a disciplinary hearing with CPS on Friday. He was not present at the school meeting Monday night, but said in a text he will let the parents speak for him right now.