Chicago students rally in Daley Plaza against President Trump

FOX 32 NEWS - Some Chicago Public School students are not happy about Donald Trump's inauguration and made their voices heard on Friday.

About 15 students from Chicago’s Ogden Elementary School cut classes early Friday to head to Daley Plaza and join the chorus of voices against the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

The students say there's one benefit of a Trump presidency, and that it has made the student population much more politically active.

The students joined about 500 people from a coalition of groups protesting the new president, with many carrying signs, some humorous, some angry and some with vulgar language.

Much of the crowd was made up of organized labor, which could be a major Trump target.

The protesters say this isn't a one-day effort, and that they'll continue to raise their voices as President Trump rolls out his agenda.

Many of those at Friday’s Daley Plaza rally say they'll be heading back downtown for the women's march Saturday morning.