Chicagoans hold 'Police Lives Matter' rally on NW Side

On the Northwest Side of Chicago Thursday night, a ‘Police Lives Matter’ rally was held.

One hundred fifty people turned out in front of the 16th District station with signs urging Chicagoans to "Support Your Local Police."

It was an emotional experience for one young police family who brought their daughters.

“Both of my girls have seen so many people say mean things about their daddy, who's a police officer. And they need to know that people support their daddy and support them,” said Beth Decker, the wife of a Chicago cop.

"Police Lives Matter" was also a theme. Some at the rally, though, took offense at the "Black Lives Matter" slogan being used by police critics, unpersuaded by the argument that it refers to African-American suffering uniquely in U.S. history.

“It's a great slogan. I think anyone should be able to use it,” said Alderman Anthony Napolitano. “We have almost 300 murders and it isn't even summer yet. We need to let our police officers know that their lives matter as they're out there protecting our city. Your life matters to us, just like everyone else's.”

Ald. Napolitano, a former cop, said that since the turn of the century, 21 Chicago police officers have died on the job. He organized Thursday night’s police appreciation event with fellow Ald. Nick Sposato.

“I can tell you what the rank & file tells me. They're scared to death, that they can't do the right thing anymore;  that they're out there working hard, risking their life and doing the best they can,” said Alderman Sposato.