City bus gets stuck after sinkhole opens in Phoenix

Dozens of people gathered at 35th Avenue and Van Buren to watch a rare scene: A city bus getting pulled out of a sinkhole.

"I didn't understand... destroy a street like that," Duane said.

According to the Phoenix Public Transit Department, there were no passengers on board, but the scene of gushing water and the stuck bus still caused quite the commotion.

Jahnae says she was outside right as the incident happened.

"As the city bus came... the pipe busting or something like that," she said.

Jahnae adds that the bus driver took his time getting off and that Phoenix fire and police were on scene shortly after.

Even though no one was hurt, eye witness Duane says he still feels for those who's commute was disrupted.

"People got jobs and everything," he said. "It's pretty crazy."