Cloudy weather in Chicago breaks records; no sunlight can be damaging to the body

If you are hoping to see the sun any time soon, you need to keep hoping or maybe go to Florida.

Chicago's cloudy weather is breaking records and it is going to be days until the sun comes out again.

We have gone eight full days without a hint of sunshine in Chicago - the cloudiest spell in over 25 years.

Dr. Mark Loafman of Family and Community Medicine at Cook County Health says no sunlight can be damaging to the body.

“We see everything from depression, definitely mood disorders,” Dr. Loafman said.

It is true that the winter months are typically cloudier in the city. So far this year, there has been 15 days considered cloudy, 12 partly cloudy. Only one day was clear.

Chicago’s longest stretch of cloudy weather lasted for 12 days starting in late December of 1991.

Sunlight is known to elevate our mood, improve sleep, strengthen our immune system and promote bone growth. Some people buy sunlamps while others take Vitamin D.

The good news is the sun is expected to make an appearance on Sunday.