Colorful art piece in Grant Park honors artists

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - A new piece of art in downtown's Grant Park leaves you wondering: what is it? It colorful and shaped like a rectangle, but has no description.

It looks like an overgrown Rubik’s cube that was dropped out of the sky, but it's not. It’s called the "Artists Monument."

“I was just taking the dogs for a walk and turned the corner and saw what I thought was a bunch of Legos,” said resident Allan Tulloch.

“From a distance, going to the train, it looked like Lego pieces,” added resident Salena Goggins.

Well, it's not a Rubik’s cube or a bunch of Legos, and there's more to it than colorful squares.

From far away you can't really tell that there's anything on this piece of art, but when you get up close you can see that there are names all over it. The artist actually had nearly 400-thousand names of current artists etched on the piece of art.

So far, residents like the multicolor piece.

“Adds some color in the winter. Chicago’s winter is all black and white,” said resident Daisy Zhang.

“It very much helps take away from the dreariness of winter,” Tulloch said.

The piece of art will officially be unveiled next weekend.

“It’s a big love letter to artists,” said artist Tony Tasset.

The mind behind the piece, Tony Tasset, is also responsible for that giant eye found several years ago in the Loop. This time around, though, he says he wants to honor artists in a big way.

“It’s meant to just be a really celebratory piece. I’m not sure what they need to take away from it,” he said.