Controversy surrounds pension of former Chicago cop who fatally shot Rekia Boyd

Former Chicago Police Officer Dante Servin’s pension is up in the air after he was acquitted in the shooting death of Rekia Boyd back in 2012.

He resigned earlier this week. But the question now is whether he will get to keep his benefits.

The question went before the Chicago Police Board Thursday night.

“Those of us who have been kissed by the sun -- there appear to be a target on our backs.”

It was an emotional scene outside Chicago Police Headquarters as community activists demanded the Police Board not allow former detective Dante Servin to collect his pension.

"As a community we're tired of this injustice, we're tired of the violence, we've come together to say enough is enough."

Just two days ago, Servin, who was facing termination and the potential loss of his benefits, resigned, which made him eligible for retirement benefits. It’s a move that spurred outrage within the black community.

"What he's doing now is trying to circumvent his pension--this guy--he murdered Rekia Boyd, there's no ifs ands or buts about it"