Cook County commissioners tackle crisis of missing and murdered Black women and girls

Cook County commissioners addressed the crisis of missing and murdered Black women and girls on Monday.

In 2020, over 35 percent of missing women and girls were Black, despite comprising less than 15 percent of the population. 

On Monday, Cook County Commissioner Monica Gordon led a hearing on the issue. She acknowledged the efforts of Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart's Missing Persons Project but emphasized the need for further action. 

Commissioner Gordon proposed a resolution that involves multiple county agencies to enhance protection for Black girls and women.

"We must address the systemic issues that contribute to this crisis and tailor solutions to the unique vulnerabilities faced by black women and girls. Furthermore, we must recognize the disproportionate impact of this violence on entire communities," said Gordon.

Chicago Ald. Stephanie Coleman is leading a similar effort in the City Council. She recently held a special hearing addressing missing Black women and violence against Black women.