CPD to fight summer crime with more officers in high-crime areas, CTA stations

The weather will get warmer eventually and the city of Chicago is getting ready to handle the uptick in crime that comes with summer.

Supt. Eddie Johnson said it's no secret that crime goes up during the summer months and early forecasts suggest this summer will be no different.

Johnson outlined his new safety plan to combat crime by putting more officers in high traffic areas, including entertainment districts, and CTA stations the latter of which is a newer approach.

Johnson also said police need to work with community partners to take a more holistic approach to stopping crime. That means partnering with community, business, and clergy leaders.

But ultimately, Johnson said the way to stop crime starts at home.

"I think it was Jackie Kennedy that said if you fail at being a parent, no failure in life will be as important. And I believe that," Johnson said. "Our issues oftentimes start at home. So if we can get our homes straightened out, then we get our blocks straightened out. You get your blocks straightened out then you get your communities straightened out. You get all the communities straightened out, then you get your city straightened out."

There is speculation that Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot could decide Johnson's future depending on how bad crime is in the city this summer.

Johnson responded to that by saying he's been a cop for 31 years and he's used to pressure. He reiterated that police cannot stop crime alone.