CTU is 'likely to strike this fall'; will hold strike training day this weekend

Just three weeks until Chicago kids go back to school and teachers are planning a strike training day on Saturday.

Last school year ended with the talk of a teachers strike, and now this year is beginning with the same threat.

In an email to teachers, the Chicago Teachers Union said: "CTU is likely to strike this fall" and is encouraging its members to participate in a day long training from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the University of Illinois at Chicago campus.

Training will include workshops like "One-on-one conversations,” "Taking action," and "Planning and winning strikes."

Chicago Public Schools CEO Forest Claypool was asked about a possible teachers strike Tuesday during a back-to-school rally.

“We are at the negotiating table, I don't see why we should not be able to come to an agreement with CTU - our teachers do important work, we want to give them a generous contract as we can possibly provide, given the dollars available,” said Claypool.

Parents at the afternoon rally said they are nervous that it could come to a strike. 

“It's going to affect us, especially parents because we don't' know what to do with them, where to put them and it's hard,” said mother of three, Soradia Ramirez.

The school board is set to vote on the proposed budget on August 24th.

The first day of school for CPS will be September 6th.