Cupich prays for Chicago on eve of him becoming a cardinal

FOX 32 NEWS - This is the last night we can call Blase Cupich Chicago’s Archbishop.

On Saturday, he will be elevated to cardinal.

On Friday, Cupich focused on his prayer for Chicago.

"You see the signs coming in here, they advertise themselves as the city of peace so I think it's an opportunity to look at how a city can function in a peaceful way for the common good. That was what my prayer was here today as we prayed for Chicago,” Cupich said.

Cupich first visited the Basilica of St Francis 45 years ago, and you can see why it made such an impression on him.

Father Jack Wall is a friend of the Archbishop. He shared the significance of Francis for those who are not of the Catholic faith.

"You may not belong to the Catholic Church or whatever but you sense that what we're meant to be is to be of service and a blessing to one another,” Wall said.

The Basilica of St Francis was built in the 13th century, but the message Archbishop Blase Cupich delivered inside can certainly resonate with Chicagoans today.

"I thought was very moving and humbling and inspiring,” said Shelley Farley of Chicago Pilgrims.

“You see this type of architecture and painting, it goes back hundreds of years, that's inspirational,” said Bill Farley.

It's a prelude to the magnificence of the Basilica of St. Peter that awaits the pilgrims and soon to be Cardinal Cupich on Saturday.

"The next time we talk to you we'll have to call you your eminence... well just don't call me late for dinner,” Cupich said.

In all seriousness, the Archbishop does get to select a moniker. The choices were Blase Cardinal Cupich or Cardinal Base Cupich, and he chose the latter.

Saturday around noon Rome time and 5 a.m. central time, Archbishop Blasé Cupich will officially be Chicago's Cardinal.