Deerfield woman helped American students in Israel amid Iran attack

A Deerfield woman was flying into Tel Aviv, Israel when she learned about the attack coming from Iran. 

She says on the ground, the threat seems more serious and frightening. 

Susan Sacks is the incoming president of Alexander Muss High School in Israel. 

Right now, 90 American high schoolers are living and learning there. The school is operated by Jewish National Fund - USA. 

The students are receiving firsthand education on their heritage while continuing with their curriculum back home. 

When the Hamas surprise attack happened on Oct. 7, 130 American students had to be pulled out and sent back to their homes in the United States. 

Sacks is a volunteer and says the drone and rocket attacks started at 2:30 a.m. and she knew what to do. 

"My phone was next to me, my shoes were next to me, I slept in shorts and a t-shirt and that's what you do. I've been through one other time in Israel where there were rockets being fired. So, I knew what to do," Sacks said. 

She says the students are safe. 

Since 1972, well over 32,000 American high school teens have learned in Israel through the program.