Denver doctor sentenced to 23 years in prison for secretly recording naked, underage patients

Photo courtesy of George Washington University

A doctor in Denver, Colo., will face 23 years in prison after secretly recording naked boys during their medical exams, which were then shared online.

Dr. Justin Neisler pled guilty to the production of child pornography in January following his arrest in March 2019.

According to the plea agreement, the Colorado Springs Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force received a tip in November 2018 that child pornography was being distributed by means of social media accounts, later determined to belong to Neisler.

Agents executed a search warrant of Neisler's residence in March 2019, where they found child pornography on his cellphone and other various electronic media. A review of the devices by FBI forensice examiners found approximately 6,600 still images and 1,725 videos of child pornography that Neisler obtained from online sources.


The investigation also found that Neisler recorded young boys during medical examinations without their knowledge for his own gratification by using a Spy Pen Camera and his iPhone. According to Colorado U.S. Attorney Jason Dunn, the videos made by Neisler were not distributed to other people.

“This sentence is wholly appropriate in light of the horrific acts committed by the one person besides a parent that a child is told to trust unquestionably,” Dunn said in a statement. “Our hope is that the sentence gives his victims and their parents some sense of closure and allows them to move forward with their lives.”

In addition to prison time, Neisler will face 10 years of supervised release for the production of child pornography and has been ordered to pay $10,100 in court fees and toward funds set up to assist victims of child exploitation crimes. Neisler's Colorado medical license has also been suspended and will be forfeited following his sentencing hearing.

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