Disturbing video of 10-year-old manhandling German Shepherd leads to death threats against boy and his mother

A Fort Bend County boy and his mother are receiving death threats after a video was shared of him roughing up his German Shepherd.

The 10-year-old is seen hitting, choking, and pinning the dog against a wall.

"The video is hard to watch. You're going to have a gut reaction," said Precinct 3 Constable Wayne Thompson. "It's not going to be nice, it's disturbing."

Thompson doesn't hide his love for animals and will not tolerate animal cruelty.

He's the only Fort Bend County Constable with an animal cruelty investigator.

"We've had phone calls all day since Friday," Thompson said. "There's petitions with over 16,000 names. People have called from Canada, London, and from all over the United States."


The Constable says the German Shepherd named Bella was seen by two vets and shows no signs of being abused.

"This boy was very remorseful he was crying when our investigator was over there," said Thompson."The dog was still showing affection for him and was sitting on his lap."

Thompson says his investigation has turned up no evidence of animal cruelty but is still under review by the Fort Bend County District Attorney's office.

If that office decides to take action it won't be made public because a juvenile is involved.

The boy's mother says she wasn't at home when the video was shot by her son's friend.

She has disciplined him and says she and her child are now the targets of death threats.

"How would they feel if their lives were threatened?" she asked. "He's afraid to even go outside without thinking someone is going to hurt him."

"Some of the comments have been quite repulsive about this child that are probably more worrisome than what actually occurred on the video," said Thompson.

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