Divvy Bikes returning to service after overnight outage

Photo: Michael Leland / Flickr

Divvy Bike service has returned to normal after a glitch caused an outage during Wednesday’s morning commute.

The outage affected Divvy members with fobs and people trying to buy temporary passes, the bike-sharing system posted on Twitter.

An overnight update that generally takes about two hours caused some “larger service issues.” The updates do not normally prevent members with fobs from using bikes.

As of 10 a.m., the system was back up and many stations were back to normal, according to a Divvy spokesperson. The rest of the stations were expected to return shortly.

“Our apologies for any impact this had on your commutes this morning, as we know many of you rely on Divvy for your transportation,” according to a statement.

Any riders experiencing difficulties should call the customer service line at (855) 553-4889.