Donors can get refund after $127K raised for family of Lt. Gliniewicz

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - FOX 32 News has learned that more than $127,000 was raised to support Lt. Joe Gliniewicz’s family after his death.

But now, Fox Lake officials are scrambling to determine whether the family will still receive those dollars.

Five days after Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz appeared to have been murdered, one of his comrades, officer Brandy Henderson, set up a Facebook page asking people to "buy a shirt to show your support.” She promised, "All proceeds will go to the family of this fallen hero."

The shirts cost $20 apiece. On the back of each one, it was printed that "GI Joe" would "forever be in our hearts."

Officer Henderson directed donors to a fundraising website called According to the website, 8,769 shirts were sold. After expenses, that left 127,820 dollars for the Gliniewicz family.

One donor posted on's website: “I think it should be donated to someone who deserves it. Like animal shelters. How do I get my $20 back??”

Another posted: "I asked if they will donate it to the Explorer group he stole the money from."

Nobody is suggesting that Officer Henderson did anything wrong, but the police spokesperson says the department is trying to determine just where those dollars are right now.

A Fox Lake Police Department spokesman says the department has received numerous calls from donors who are asking for their money back.

Lawyers for the Gliniewicz family also did not return FOX 32’s call seeking comment.

A spokesperson for released the following statement:

"This is obviously a terrible situation. While Booster was just the platform for the community to show its support and raise funds for the family, we do care about our campaigns and want to be responsive to anyone who is upset about having purchased a t-shirt. We are therefore honoring returns and providing refunds upon request."

A spokesperson for also says that all of the proceeds raised have been distributed to the Lt. Joe Gliniewicz Memorial Fund. The fund is administered by Missy Gaffney, a Lake Zurich police dispatcher who is a close friend of the Gliniewicz family.