Durbin highlights work being done to reduce violence and poverty

Senator Dick Durbin on Monday unveiled the "Chicago Health Initiative Report" to address gun violence.

Senator Durbin talked about the weekend violence in Chicago, highlighting that the city has per capita three times the gun violence and death of Los Angeles and five times that of New York. Durbin unveiled the Chicago Heal Initiative, which aims to address this issue head-on.

Over the past four years, local hospitals have worked with 18 Chicago neighborhoods with the highest rates of violence, poverty, and health disparities. Senator Durbin provided a four-year report and highlighted the work of Rush's School-Based Health Center at Crane Medical Prep High School.


As part of today's report, over $6 million was announced in new federal funding to support these hospital-led efforts to break the cycle of violence through community programs.

"Today's new funding is in addition to other provisions that I've passed in the bipartisan Safer Communities Act which is going to lead to more counselors and deliver more mental health services in our public school system. That's what the Heal Initiative is about — connecting our communities to prevent violence," Durbin said.

The initiative has served over 17,000 people in violence recovery programs.