Ex-Stanford student convicted of rape reportedly lied to judge about alcohol use

Brock Turner | Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office

The court file of a former Stanford swimmer convicted of raping a woman behind a campus dumpster reportedly shows that he lied to a judge about his history of drinking and drug use, labeling himself as inexperienced in that field before his sentencing.

The San Jose Mercury News reported Wednesday that prosecutor’s Alaleh Kiancerci’s file on Brock Turner contains texts and photos found on Turner’s cellphone indicating that he used drugs and alcohol in high school.

The prosecutor told Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Judge Aaron Persky about the lies during Turner’s sentencing hearing, but Persky failed to comment on Turner’s dishonesty.

According to the paper, material found on Turner's phone included video of him smoking from a bong and “drinking out of a liquor bottle.” The date capture indicated the video was taken Dec. 27, 2014 – more than a month before he assaulted a woman on the Stanford campus.

A series of other text messages show that Turner was asking friends for wax so he could do “some dabs.” Dabs are a potent form of marijuana that is a THC-concentrated mass. References to Turner buying, smoking or sharing marijuana date back to April 2014 when he was still living in Ohio.

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