Experience the future of lipstick shopping at Lip Lab in West Loop

There's a lot of puckering up going on in the West Loop at the counter of the Lip Lab.

If you have ever purchased a tube of lipstick over the counter that didn't work, wasn't the color you expected or maybe the formula made you itch, this could be the answer.

The color experts at the Lip Lab help you find a shade that works for you. Then you decide on the finish: sheer, matte, gloss or balm.

Tai Rojas Martinez, the store manager, ran through the process.

"You told me about a color you wanted to create, we sampled different finishes for you and you gave us some feedback. Once we decided on the recipes that we loved, we started manufacturing them," said Rojas Martinez.

Customers also get to pick a flavor to add to their product: mint, rose, mango or vanilla.

Naming the products and picking the tubes is equally fun. You can also add your astrological symbol, a pair of lips, or a kiss emoji embossed on the tube, which is also the color and finish of your choice.

Dragana Romic, another store manager, says she is proud of the ingredients in these products. 

"They are all-natural, they're all vegan, they are clean-sourced anti-cruelty, so definitely, you're receiving the best," she said, adding that customers offer great feedback.

 "They're absolutely thrilled. They love the experience. They love to take pictures. They love to share their experience, and they always promise they're coming back," said Romic.

The first consultation may sound pricey at $65, but getting refills for your custom lipsticks are less than half that price.

The store takes walk-ins, but reservations are encouraged, particularly for parties, which have become very popular. 

Just go to liplab.com.