Family demands justice after pregnant Chicago woman shot and killed

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FOX 32 NEWS - The anticipation of a baby's birth turns to mourning with the loss of a soon-to-be mother, all because of gun violence.

Wilteeah Jones was gunned down along with her boyfriend, in what police say was a targeted shooting, in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood. Now, her family wants answers.

The family is devastated. Wilteeah Jones was weeks away from giving birth.

"Someone shot my baby down in the street like a dog. I'm hoarse like this because I've been hollering and crying since it happened,” said Jones’ mother Valerie Weaver.

The family of 20-year-old Wilteeah Jones is still reeling over her murder. Jones, who was 9 months pregnant, was sitting in a vehicle with her boyfriend and the unborn child's father, Malik Bingham, when a gunman opened fire in the Chatham neighborhood. Her family says she ran and hid, but the gunman chased after her, killing her and the baby.

"Anyone who can put a gun up to someone that's 9 months pregnant, with a baby, I mean her stomach was so big, she looked like she was gonna go any day. Anyone that can do something like that is savage. Is truly, truly an animal,” said Jones’ uncle, Donnie Weaver.

Her family says she was counting down the days until she gave birth to a little girl. .

"My cousin was just so excited to be a mother. And Maleah was almost here. And for y'all to take her life, so short and briefly like that. In an instant she was gone, after being so happy, it's ridiculous,” said Jones’ relative Shayyanna Brazzle. 

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson says the shooting wasn't a random act of violence.

"We know that they were targeted. So, we're looking into the backgrounds of both of those individuals to see what the motive actually is. But it was not a random shooting,” Johnson said.

Police say Bingham was a documented gang member.

"Teeah had everything in life that she ever wanted. Her boyfriend, I can't speak on that because I don't know. But, I can guarantee you that Teeah should have never been targeted,” Weaver said.

Jones' family hopes someone will come forward with information that leads to an arrest.

What’s heartbreaking for the family is now planning funerals instead of welcoming home a new baby.