Family of missing 18-year-old hope body found isn't his

Waukegan police investigating a missing person's case found a body in a backyard pool. Police said they are waiting on official autopsy results to learn more about the deceased.

The body was found less than a mile from where an 18-year-old man went missing on Christmas day.

Lucio Cambray was last seen near a Waukegan gas station at the intersection of Grand and Jackson.

Julie Contreras is a family spokesperson and the missing man's pastor. She calls him a man with a beautiful soul, but worries something criminal happened.

“I think a lot of stuff had to do with it,” said Contreras after a vigil held in her storefront church Monday night.

“There's a lot of inferences of improprieties and that's why we gave that information that we had and we are asking for justice to be served.”

Now friends and family are wondering if a body found in the residential pool in the 1300 block of North Jackson, is Cambray’s body.

“Investigators were following up on the missing person and during the course of their investigation it did lead them to that area and that was how the discovery was found,” said Waukegan Commander Joe Florip.

Officials said Monday the body was found in a pool behind a home that caught fire in early December, that’s weeks before Cambray went missing.

Firefighters had to rescue a woman from the burning building, but she later died from smoke inhalation.

The home has been abandoned ever since.

“We are not going to make any assumptions about the body at this point the coroner’s office is going to do a full autopsy and once they do that we should have more answers,” said Commander Florip.

Contreras said she and the missing man's family members were called into the police department Monday to be made aware of the body found.

Autopsy results could take anywhere from 24-48 hours.