Family searches for answers after young mother found murdered in Harvey

A young suburban mother left home and never returned.

Now, her family is left wondering what happened in the hours before her body was found near abandoned properties in south suburban Harvey.

“My daughter said I am going to this party, she left at 9. I called her at 9:30,” said father Anthony Reed.

But the 30-year old never answered that call. It is a mystery of whom she was with and how she ended up murdered.

The young mother of a 10-year-old girl left her parents’ home in Hazel Crest and was supposed to come back hours later on September 11, but she never returned. She was discovered dead in some brush near 154th and Hoyne Avenue.

Twelve hours after Reed was found dead, her family got the call from Harvey police that their loved one’s body was found. Now, Anthony Reed and his wife are raising their granddaughter.

“She just stares out of the window...I do know she misses her mother,” Anthony said.

It is approaching two weeks since Reed was killed and the family says they have barely had any communication with Harvey police.

“I want justice," Anthony said.