Skokie student's story draws the eyes of Hollywood movie producers

The launch of organized baseball at Fasman Yeshiva High School in Skokie may have been inspired by a very talented young student who, because the school previously didn't have a team, decided to try out for a club team on the South Side of Chicago: a hard-throwing, hard-hitting team called 'The Show.'

Coby Kamish, 16, made 'The Club,' and his story is also drawing the eyes of Hollywood movie producers.

On Wednesday night in Skokie, Kamish led his team in its very first IHSA game against Ida Crown Jewish Academy.

"It’s really exciting," Kamish said. "Just really excited to finally just play already. It’s been a long time. It’s been a long time since I played with them."

The game was historic in that Yeshiva has traditionally been an institution that focuses almost entirely on Judaic studies and academics, with athletics taking a back seat. But Principal Rabbi Dovid Kupchik thought it was time to finally field a team.

"Obviously our priority is living a religious life and sticking to our values, but when it works, then great! Go for it!" Kupchik said.


Before Kupchik's decision, to play with others at his level, Kamish earned a spot on The Show. That achievement, coupled with the fact that Kamish is a Jewish player on a predominantly Black team, has drawn the eyes of Hollywood producers.

In fact, a movie is now in the works based on Kamish's story.

"I just hope we can project the narrative that we’ve always tried to raise Coby with and that’s that everyone is created equal and skin color shouldn’t be the basis of how one looks at their fellow man," said his father, David.

"It’s not a big deal, they’re just playing the same sport that I love, so we’re all just trying to get better every day and try winning as many games as we can," added Coby.

The Kamish's are pretty tight-lipped about the movie in development, but said movie producers shadowed his son for a number of days to get ideas for the script.

Kamish says after playing spring ball with his classmates, he'll rejoin The Club team this summer.