Feds probe CTA shooting at Red Line stop

Federal authorities opened a criminal investigation into a 2020 Chicago police shooting at a Red Line station that was caught on cellphone video, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

On Feb. 28, 2020, Officer Melvina Bogard shot 34-year-old Ariel Roman on a platform at the Grand station, one of the city’s busiest train stops.

Roman was ordered to appear before a federal grand jury on Jan. 14 at the Dirksen Federal Building, according to a subpoena obtained by the Sun-Times. He was asked to provide medical records that stemmed from the shooting.


A letter signed by John Lausch, Chicago’s top federal prosecutor, noted those records were being sought "pursuant to an official criminal investigation," the Sun-Times reported.

Before the police department was able to issue a statement about the shooting, video captured by a passerby went viral, fueling media attention and stoking public interest in the case.