Fenwick Friars pitcher Talia Lorenzo celebrates 400 career strikeouts

A suburban teenager who is smashing pitching records on her local softball team, just celebrated a huge milestone: 400 career strikeouts.  

"It's very likely that Talia has the all-time strikeout record," said Fenwick Friars softball coach Bryan Hoffman.  


Talia Lorenzo is the longest serving member of the varsity squad and is one of the best female pitchers the school has seen in its 94-year history.

"Talia doesn't hesitate for a second.  As soon as Talia gets the sign, she's ready to go.  She's got great rhythm.  She makes it look very effortless," said Hoffman.  

But it does take a lot of effort.  

"On days off I usually practice my pitching and hitting… even if something’s going well I want to perfect it that much more," said Lorenzo. 

 She’s been playing sports since she was little.  For her, it’s not a labor of love.  It’s just what she loves. All of it.   

"She loves her teammates, and she wants her teammates to succeed and do extremely well, and I don't know anyone on the team that wants the team to get along as much as Talia does," said Hoffman.  

Lorenzo is attending Aurora University next fall, majoring in nursing and of course playing softball.