Fenwick High School suspends teacher amid misconduct allegations by former student

The investigation into a veteran teacher and coach who allegedly sexually harassed a female student eight years ago at a Chicago area high school is nearly complete.

Helen Quinn Pasin, a former student at Fenwick in Oak Park, claimed the teacher touched her and talked to her inappropriately over the course of several years. The teacher has not been identified as no charges have been filed against him.

In a letter to parents Thursday, Fenwick President Richard Peddicord said the teacher has now been suspended and the school has brought in an independent investigator.


The letter said the investigation is almost complete, and the school is prepared to take action based on the findings.

"Please know that this independent investigation is nearly complete, and Fenwick is well prepared to take prompt and decisive action based on the findings and the facts," Peddicord said in the letter.

Peddicord said the school was made aware of the misconduct allegations in December 2021 after Pasin made the claims public online.

Pasin said she was harassed and touched by the longtime teacher on multiple occasions in 2013 and 2014, and that the teacher was well-known for hugging students inappropriately.

"Wrapped his arm around me, put his cheek on mine and asked about my love life and looking me up and down and making noises that sounded like he was growling."

Oak Park police declined to press charges, saying they couldn't prove the conduct was a felony and that the statute of limitations had passed.