Firefighter, cop injured after blaze breaks out in Logan Square

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A police officer and firefighter were hurt while saving several families and pets from a burning house in Logan Square.

The fire started in a house near Campbell and Diversey and spread quickly to neighboring houses.

Chicago Police Officer Jennifer Jacobucci was on her way back from police headquarters when she spotted the fire.

One building was fully engulfed in flames, so she ran into the house next door as it was just beginning to catch fire.

Officer Jacobucci didn't think about her own safety, she just ran in. 

"That thought never crossed my mind,” she said.

Five adults and three dogs were inside, and some residents were trying to grab belongings. So, Officer Jacobucci had to tell them to drop everything and get out.

"For me, I wouldn't want my family to have to go through that. So I just wanted to make sure that everybody got out safe,” she said.

The family in the home where the fire started got out safely, but one of the dogs was killed. The other was rescued and had to be put on oxygen. 

"I'm grateful that everybody got out serious injuries,” Officer Jacobucci said.

Fire Media said the blaze was caused by unattended cooking.