Flannery Fired Up: Is Trump endangering our troops?

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - American military leaders of the War on Terrorism are deeply worried about something Donald Trump keeps saying. They claim he's endangering our troops.

But Trump doubled down on it at a FOX News Channel debate the other night.

I know several young members of our military likely to be deployed soon to the Middle East.  I was deeply disturbed by part of the Republican Presidential debate the other night. Donald Trump, master of shock value politics, was asked about his repeated vow to order the killing of the families of terrorists and to order the use of torture "worse than waterboarding." Among those objecting to Trump's statements: retired 4-star general Michael Hayden -- who headed the CIA and NSA under President George W. Bush.

I know it sounds tough, but it's dangerously short-sighted.  It's also against the law. An American soldier told to kill the innocent mother or children of a terrorist is legally bound to disobey such an order, no matter who gives it.

We need the world to know and clearly see that we hold the moral high ground in our battle against the savages who murder innocents, including children. Declaring that it's our official policy to do what they do would be a terrible mistake.  Mr. Trump, no one who would order our military to commit war crimes is fit to be President. Take some time to read up on this and to think about what you're saying.