Flannery Fired Up: Kinzinger reverses course on guns; Blagojevich backlash

President Donald Trump's change of heart about stricter background checks for gun buyers comes after a rising revolt on the issue among Republicans on Capitol Hill. On tonight's edition of Flannery Fired Up, Will County's Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) tells why he's now ready to vote for a proposal he voted against last February.

"If 98 percent or whatever of gun sales already go through background checks, why not just tighten that up?" Kinzinger asked.

Kinzinger said he now favors at least two other changes to gun regulations.  Buyers of handguns are already required to be at least 21 years old, but 18-year olds may purchase long guns, including assault rifles such as the AR-15. Kinzinger, who said he himself owns an AR-15, wants to raise the minimum age for buying long guns to 21.  

The veteran congressman said he's also worried about worsening trade wars wreaking havoc on Illinois farmers. He said it's time for Democrats to vote to ratify the US/Mexico/Canada trade agreement negotiated by the Trump Administration. Kinzinger said it would help both farmers and manufacturers. He also wants President Trump to make peace with America's major trading partners in Europe and elsewhere to increase pressure on China.

"I also think the president should be building alliances around China. Get back into TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership, that was negotiated," Kinzinger said.  

Canceling  TPP was one of the president's first actions after taking office. He claimed President Barack Obama had cut a bad deal. Kinzinger said the president needs to act quickly to make whatever changes he thinks are necessary to get the U.S. back into the TPP.

Also on this edition of Flannery Fired Up: a panel discussion on whether former Gov. Rod Blagojevich deserves the clemency President Trump said he's considering. Fox 32 legal consultant Karen Conti, as well as FOX 32 reporters Dane Placko and Larry Yellen join the discussion.