Widespread flooding in Chicago area causes extensive damage

The cleanup continues after a wet weekend across Chicagoland, as some of the worst flooding is still creating quite the headache in the south suburbs.

Residents spent the day on the phone with insurance companies and throwing out destroyed valuables.

"So I came down here, water was just gushing through the back door, coming up through the drain," said Michelle Arnold.

In her basement, floodwaters were waist-high, and valuables could be seen floating among the destruction.

"Furniture, appliances, clothes, shoes. Brand-new stuff still in the box that I never opened" said Arnold.

Calumet City’s mayor says they received nine inches of rainfall in less than an hour Sunday morning, knocking out power and leaving homes flooded and many locations had water waist high.

"Just seeing all the stuff ruined… it was devastating," a homeowner said.

In Dolton, along Diekman Court, one woman says she took in five feet of water. Her neighbor had two vehicles totaled after they became submerged in floodwaters.

"I gotta do what I gotta do, Nate. I couldn’t stop Mother Nature," another homeowner said.

Cars were seen submerged and are now disabled.

Inside David James’ home, crews spent more than five hours extracting water from his basement. He estimates eight inches of water came in. His damaged appliances, electronics, and photo albums are now headed to a dumpster.

"Ever since I’ve been out here for 30 years, when it rains like this, it’s crazy" James said.

Calumet City has received up to $100 million in grants to repair their sewage system, but the mayor says it will take some time before construction begins. In Dolton, residents say they're grateful for any aide they receive.