FOX 32's Scott Schneider cages himself for West Suburban Humane Society fundraiser

FOX 32's Scott Schneider on Thursday participated in a unique fundraising event called "Caged for a Cause" organized by the West Suburban Humane Society, demonstrating his support for animals in need.

Schneider, a volunteer at the West Suburban Humane Society in Downers Grove for nearly nine years, spent an hour inside a kennel to raise funds and challenge misconceptions surrounding a misunderstood dog breed.

During the event, Schneider highlighted Rennie, an American Staffordshire Terrier mix who has been at the shelter for two years without finding a permanent home. Through Instagram, Schneider showcased Rennie's gentle nature, aiming to dispel myths about the breed.

"Caged for a Cause" has already raised over $15,000, with all proceeds dedicated to the care of the shelter's dogs and cats.

For more information, interested individuals can visit Schneider's Instagram page, "Hugo's Heroes," dedicated to finding shelter dogs forever homes.